How to Build a Chain Link Dog Run

How to Build a Chain Link Dog Run

If you have a dog and want to provide them with a safe and secure space to play outdoors, building a chain link dog run is a great option. A dog run allows your furry friend to enjoy some fresh air without the risk of running off or getting into trouble. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a chain link dog run:

Step 1: Plan and Measure
Before you start building, it’s important to plan and measure the area where you want to build the dog run. Take into consideration the size of your dog and how much space they need to run and play comfortably.

Step 2: Gather Materials
To build a chain link dog run, you will need the following materials:
– Chain link fencing
– Fence posts
– Concrete mix
– Gate hinges and latch
– Fence ties
– Tools (such as a post hole digger, level, and wire cutters)

Step 3: Install Fence Posts
Dig holes for the fence posts using a post hole digger. The depth of the holes should be about one-third the length of the fence posts. Place the posts in the holes and fill them with concrete mix. Make sure the posts are level and allow the concrete to dry.

Step 4: Attach Chain Link Fencing
Unroll the chain link fencing along the perimeter of the dog run. Use fence ties to secure the fencing to the posts. Make sure the fencing is taut and level as you go along. Cut any excess fencing using wire cutters.

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Step 5: Install the Gate
Choose a suitable location for the gate and attach the gate hinges to one of the fence posts. Hang the gate and secure it with a latch. Make sure the gate opens and closes smoothly.

Step 6: Secure the Bottom of the Fence
To prevent digging and escape attempts, secure the bottom of the chain link fence by burying it or attaching it to a concrete curb. This will ensure that your dog cannot dig under the fence and escape.

Step 7: Add a Shelter and Water Source
Consider adding a shelter for your dog to provide shade and protection from the elements. Additionally, provide a water source within the dog run to ensure your pet stays hydrated during their outdoor playtime.


1. How tall should a chain link dog run be?
The minimum height for a chain link dog run should be 6 feet to prevent dogs from jumping over the fence.

2. Can I build a dog run without concrete footings?
While concrete footings are recommended to ensure stability, you can also use ground anchors or heavy-duty stakes to secure the fence posts.

3. Can I use a different type of fencing material?
While chain link fencing is commonly used for dog runs due to its durability and visibility, you can use other materials such as vinyl or wood if you prefer.

4. How long does it take to build a dog run?
The time required to build a dog run depends on the size and complexity of the project. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

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5. Can I build a dog run on a slope?
Yes, you can build a dog run on a slope. However, it may require additional planning and adjustments to ensure the fencing is level.

6. How often should I clean the dog run?
It is recommended to clean the dog run at least once a week to maintain hygiene and prevent the buildup of waste.

7. Can I use an existing fence for a dog run?
If you have an existing fence, you can incorporate it into your dog run. However, ensure that the fence is secure and meets the required height.

8. Should I use a single or double gate?
A double gate is recommended as it allows for easier access and prevents escape attempts while entering or exiting the dog run.

9. Can I build a dog run without a roof?
While a roof is not mandatory, it provides added protection from the sun and rain. Consider adding a roof or shelter to enhance your dog’s comfort.

10. How can I prevent my dog from digging under the fence?
To prevent digging, bury the bottom of the chain link fence or attach a dig-proof barrier along the perimeter of the dog run.

11. Can I build a dog run without a gate?
While a gate is not necessary, it allows for easy entry and exit from the dog run. Consider installing a gate for convenience.

12. Is a permit required to build a dog run?
Check with your local municipality to determine if a permit is required. Regulations may vary depending on your area.

Building a chain link dog run can provide your furry friend with a safe and enjoyable outdoor space. By following these steps and considering the FAQs, you can create a secure and comfortable environment for your beloved pet.

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