How to Protect Air Mattress From Cat

How to Protect Your Air Mattress From Your Cat

Air mattresses are a convenient and comfortable sleeping solution for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you have a cat, you may have experienced the frustration of finding your air mattress punctured or scratched. Cats are naturally curious and playful creatures, and it’s important to take measures to protect your air mattress from their sharp claws. In this article, we will discuss various ways to safeguard your air mattress from your feline friend.

1. Keep your cat’s nails trimmed: Regularly trimming your cat’s nails can significantly reduce the risk of accidental punctures. Invest in a good pair of cat nail clippers and get your pet accustomed to the trimming process.

2. Provide alternative scratching surfaces: Cats scratch to mark their territory and maintain their claws. By providing scratching posts or mats, you can redirect your cat’s scratching behavior away from your air mattress. Encourage your cat to use these designated scratching areas by applying catnip or using toys to attract their attention.

3. Cover the air mattress: Consider using a protective cover specifically designed for air mattresses. These covers are usually made of durable materials that can resist punctures and scratches. Choose a cover that is easy to clean and fits your air mattress snugly.

4. Place a blanket or sheet over the air mattress: If you don’t have a dedicated cover, you can use a thick blanket or sheet as a protective barrier. Make sure it covers the entire air mattress and tuck it in securely to prevent your cat from getting underneath.

5. Keep the air mattress out of reach: When not in use, store your air mattress in a location that is inaccessible to your cat. This could be a closed room or a closet where your cat can’t enter. By keeping the air mattress out of sight, you eliminate the temptation for your cat to explore and potentially damage it.

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6. Use a deterrent spray: Cats dislike certain scents, such as citrus or vinegar. Spraying a cat-safe deterrent spray on and around the air mattress can discourage your cat from approaching or scratching it. Always check that the spray is safe for cats before using it.

7. Supervise your cat’s interactions with the air mattress: If you plan on using the air mattress while your cat is around, closely monitor their behavior. Intervene if you notice them showing interest in scratching or jumping on the mattress. Redirect their attention to a toy or engage them in interactive play to distract them from the air mattress.

8. Train your cat to stay off the air mattress: Cats can be trained to follow certain rules. Use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your cat that the air mattress is off-limits. Reward them with treats or praise when they choose not to scratch or climb on it.

9. Provide a comfortable alternative: Make sure your cat has a cozy and comfortable bed of their own. By providing a suitable alternative, they will be less likely to choose the air mattress as their sleeping spot.

10. Keep your cat entertained: A bored cat is more likely to engage in destructive behavior. Provide plenty of toys, scratching posts, and interactive playtime to keep your cat mentally stimulated and physically active.

11. Trim any loose threads or repair small punctures: If you notice any loose threads or small punctures on your air mattress, attend to them immediately. Trim the loose threads and use an appropriate repair kit to fix minor damages before they worsen.

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12. Use a mattress pad or topper: Adding a mattress pad or topper to your air mattress can provide an additional layer of protection against cat scratches. These accessories are often made of thicker materials that can withstand sharper claws.


1. Can I use a regular mattress cover for my air mattress?
– Regular mattress covers may not fit securely on an air mattress. It is recommended to use a cover specifically designed for air mattresses to ensure proper protection.

2. Are there any cat-safe deterrence sprays available in the market?
– Yes, there are cat-safe deterrence sprays available. Look for products that are specifically formulated for cats and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

3. How often should I trim my cat’s nails?
– The frequency of nail trims depends on your cat’s activity level and the rate of nail growth. As a general guideline, trimming every 2-4 weeks is usually sufficient.

4. What should I do if my cat has already damaged my air mattress?
– If your air mattress has been punctured or scratched, you can try using a repair kit to fix the damage. Follow the instructions provided with the kit for the best results.

5. Is it safe for my cat to sleep on an air mattress?
– While it is generally safe for your cat to sleep on an air mattress, it is advisable to provide them with a dedicated bed of their own. This ensures they have a comfortable and secure sleeping spot.

6. Can I use a plastic cover to protect my air mattress?
– Plastic covers can be noisy and uncomfortable for your cat. It is better to use a cover made of a durable fabric that is resistant to punctures and scratches.

7. How can I discourage my cat from scratching the air mattress?
– Providing alternative scratching surfaces, such as scratching posts or mats, and using deterrent sprays can help discourage your cat from scratching the air mattress.

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8. What if my cat is persistent and keeps damaging the air mattress?
– If your cat continues to damage the air mattress despite your efforts, it may be necessary to keep them away from the mattress altogether by using closed doors or barriers.

9. Can I use double-sided tape to protect the air mattress from my cat?
– Double-sided tape can be effective in deterring cats from scratching certain surfaces. However, it may not be suitable for use directly on an air mattress as it can leave sticky residue.

10. What are some signs that my cat is about to scratch the air mattress?
– Cats often exhibit signs of stretching, kneading, or scratching nearby objects before they actually scratch. If you notice these behaviors, redirect your cat’s attention to a suitable scratching surface.

11. Will using a mattress pad or topper affect the comfort of the air mattress?
– A mattress pad or topper can enhance the comfort of your air mattress while providing an additional layer of protection. Choose one that is compatible with your air mattress and meets your comfort preferences.

12. What if my cat still tries to scratch the air mattress even after using deterrent sprays?
– If deterrent sprays are ineffective, consider consulting with a veterinarian or a professional animal behaviorist for further guidance on modifying your cat’s behavior.

In conclusion, protecting your air mattress from your cat’s claws requires a combination of preventative measures and positive reinforcement training. By implementing the tips mentioned above and addressing any potential scratches promptly, you can enjoy a scratch-free air mattress and a happy feline companion.